The Newest Fashion Trends For 2018 and 2019

If fashion has the last laugh in your bucket list, it’s time to look inside the upcoming fashion trends that are ready to take the world by storm. Being on the pulse of what’s trending is often the way to go. From the streets to the red carpets, these trends promise to keep you ahead of the curve, no matter you are a designer or a Fashionista.

While fashion is a zeitgeist to have spanned across the eons, trends have always been game to set the spirit alive. So, let’s take a look at what’s trending and topping the list of the global retail giants and make sure you never miss out on the most dapper addition to your closet.

breezy silhouettes

Whether it’s a weekend brunch, evening date or a karaoke festival, breezy liners or throw overs are the great fashion trends to add length to your style statements. Indulge in the voluminous sleeves, long slit cuts, high-low asymmetrical lines where modern fashion cravings blend subtly with the age old traditional statements.

Checks are coming back

The modern checkered lifestyle has its new find in the checks that are introducing a new luxury line of formals and semi-formals, tailored to meet both your professional and recreational styling needs with perfection. From the checked blazers to the full-on plaids, you will find an instant store upgrades like never before.

Deep blue denims are still a hashtag

If there is one retro look to weave in your wardrobe, its the dark shaded denims that are still occupying the shelves of the best dressed A-listers. one of the best, age old fashion trends, denims will be seeing a resurgence on the runway where technical fabrics will blend with upstream and trend-setting stylish details like never before.

Get drenched in the new Plastic fever

We can’t stop talking about the all-new plastic trend that has opened the doors for designers and brands alike. The revived PVC accessories and the transparent plastic outerwear will not only make you rainstorm ready, but a ready- to-go-pro in fashion.

Silk Lounge wears are redefined

If you always curl up to your silk pyjamas or camisoles only after a long day at work before shutting your eyes down, it’s time to take them to a new height beyond your bedroom fashion. This 1890’s colonial and 1900’s nigh time fashion trends are now making their marks on the global runways with the iconic touches from the global fashion giants. With stylish royal statement, this lightweight fabric is soon going to redefine your street statements like never before.

Ruffles and Fringes are never really out of style

Ruffles and fringes are the new refreshers that will be claiming the red carpets soon. From offbeat vintage finds to the mainstream runways, they are the celebrity picks now. On one side, the ultra-glam fringes on your bags, shoes or tops can give you an instant playful and dramatic look, and on the other, the smart fuss-free ruffles at the end of your collars or hemlines are ready to add an appeal that is effortless and one-of-a-kind.

Finally, the ability to play off the lifestyle needs or the age old themes is what makes the fashion trends so breathable. Remember, trends are always being revived, adapted and re-purposed to let the fashion biggies indulge in fashion in a way experienced never before.