What are the best types of steak?

A lot of people are often unsure about what type of steak they should buy. Whether you are cooking a steak at home or planning to order a steak for yourself, this article can help you find the very best types of steaks.

There are quite a few types of steak, let’s look at them before we choose our top 2 winners:


Ribeye is from the loin and it is the best-known cut. It has a marbling effect which makes it flavorful and tender


Striploin steak is from the short loin and has a long muscle fiber that can be easily shaved into medallions or steaks. It also has a small amount of fat compared to other cuts to keep its tenderness.


A sirloin steak is a cut of beef that is generally from the top round, and it has two muscles that are each one-third or two-thirds of the thickness.

It is a cheaper cut of meat than a T-bone steak, but it has a better flavor and texture. The sirloin can be served as both cooked or raw depending on how it is cooked. It’s best for cooking with grilling, broiling, or pan-frying.


Porterhouse steak is usually served with a sauce made from butter, Madeira wine, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and beef stock and is is typically cut from the sirloin and rib sections of beef. This is the type of steak that is best enjoyed at a restaurant, but if you can’t make it, you can always go for a steak delivery.

Porterhouse steak has a relatively large amount of meat on it compared to other cuts of beef because it includes both tenderloin-like filet mignon and rib eye-like strip steak. This makes porterhouse steak an excellent choice for those who prefer to cook their own meals or for those who are just learning about cooking beef.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is one of the most popular types of steak, and a favorite dish in restaurants. It’s also one of the most difficult steaks to grill as it’s extremely tender.

One way to cook a filet mignon steak is by giving it an initial dry rub with herbs and spices, and then grilling it over high heat for about 2 minutes per side. The cooking time will vary depending on how thick the filet is.


T bone

T bone steak is a cut of beef that comes from the breastbone of a cow or from the upper part of the front leg. It includes the strip of meat that is between the sirloin and fillet.

The most popular way to cook T-bone steak is grilled, but it can also be cooked in a pan or oven with vegetables and herbs.

So what are our choices? Here’s our top 2!

Filet mignon is a type of beef tenderloin steak that is grilled to perfection. It’s the prized cut of beef on the market.

It’s also the most expensive steak you can find, but worth every penny and more. It really is just for special treats though because the average person can’t afford this on every steak night out.

There are many secrets about how to cook this type of steak, but one such trick is cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods so that the meat will be more tender and juicy.

So we know Filet mignon is a premium cut of beef, but what makes it so special? Is it the seasonings, the marbling, or the cooking process? NO. IT IS HOW THEY ARE AGED.

Aging beef for filet mignon steak involves salting and pounding steaks and letting them sit for 24 hours to draw out moisture before being wrapped in cheese cloths and stored under pressure at low temperatures.

The result is a tender, richly flavored steak with a beautifully caramelized exterior.

Long-aged beef is also known as “prime” beef because it’s used primarily in high-quality cuts like filet mignon and sirloin. To age meat properly for maximum flavor, you’ll need to use vacuum packing or a similar process. But if you’re eating out you can let the restaurant take care of this.

And our second top choice and the one we go for the most (because Filet Mignon is for very special occasions only)

Drum roll please!

Ribeye is our number one pick.

Ribeye is a cut of beef that is very tender and flavorful. It contains more marbling than other cuts and has a deep red color with a rich flavor that complements many sauces, such as chimichurri or balsamic vinegar sauce.

The meat can be grilled or deep-fried, but it’s best when served rare or medium-rare because the high amount of fat in the meat prevents it from being overcooked.

Ribeye Steak Benefits:

Tender and juicy: Ribeye steak is marbled so it is very tender and juicy on its own. It also absorbs flavors well so it goes well with classic sauces like chimichurri or balsamic vinegar.

It has been said that a ribeye steak can be enjoyed at any temperature ranging from rare to well-done, but for best results it’s recommended to cook them at 155 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2-4 minutes on each side, depending on how you like it done.

Steak is a very personal preference in food – just like sausages, meatloaf, or lasagna is – and no one recommendation will satisfy everyone.

But we hope this guide has helped you make up your mind the next time you get to sit in a restaurant to order a mouth-watering piece of steak.

Happy eating!

Five of the Tastiest Red Wines in 2021

A glass of red wine can be the perfect treat after a stressful day. You have many red wine options. For example, you may be undecided between Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each manufacturer’s style also varies.

The right red wine choice has a perfect taste, and it goes well with your other complements, such as food. It has also aged well to give it an exquisite taste.

If you are struggling to choose a bottle of red wine, this post can help you. Here are five of the tastiest red wines in 2021.


Gérard Bertrand Cote des Roses batch comprises affordable, high-quality wines from the South of France. This bottle of Pinot Noir has notes of raspberry, cherry, and soft tannins. You can enjoy it with veal, pasta, or beef. Its wine style is Languedoc-Roussillon red, and it has 13% alcohol content. Be careful if you have allergies, as this bottle has egg allergens, sulfites, and milk allergens.


The winery states that this red wine recreates the “Original Bordeaux Blend” that existed when Malbec was in style in the 18th and 19th centuries. The blend comprises 31% Malbec, 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 8% Cabernet Franc. You can enjoy it with poultry, beef, deer, venison, or lamb. It has a 13.6% alcohol content. You may stay away from this bottle if you have allergies, as it has sulfites. Drink it between now and 2028 to enjoy its exquisite taste.


This bottle from Escudo Rojo comprises a blend of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and some Cabernet Franc. You can enjoy it between now and 2025, and it can be an excellent complement to a rich meat course. Its palate is bold and has ripe cherry, stone fruit, black pepper, and some tannin. You may pass on this bottle if you have allergies, as it contains sulfites. Its alcohol content is 13%.


This bottle uses grapes from vineyards in Santa Lucia Highlands. It is 100% Pinot Noir and goes well with poultry, deer, venison, veal, or beef. You may avoid it if you have allergies, as it has sulfites. It has a 14.5% alcohol content. Oak and berries are noticeable on its nose, which expands into white pepper, herbs, and balanced tannins on its palate.

These five red wines can be excellent treats as you relax after a stressful day. Its manufacturers make them from the best ingredients and mix them up well to get the perfect taste. Use their specific information to determine your best bottle.


Nicolas Feuillatte offered by Booze By The Box HK has about 45 years of experience making wine. It is no surprise that this bottle is a leader in quality and style. The bottle is a blend of 40% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay, and 40% Pinot Meunier. This French champagne has 11.5% alcohol content, and it has sulfites. You can enjoy it with pork, shellfish, rich fish, or mild/soft cheese.

COVID-19 Adding to Uber & WeWork’s Woes

In the rise tech companies such as Uber and WeWork have been making a buzz lately, but not for a quite good reason. What was meant to be a good and promising year for tech companies which are listed on the stock market has only led to so much despair, with tons of well-known names who lost half of their stock value in just a few months.

Uber’s value has fallen

The American multinational technology company Uber has made a huge impact and is considered as one of the greatest technology companies of the future, with more than $100 billion IPO valuation all in all. However, despite all these, the perceived future of this company today does not look as bright as it was before. As of October 2019, Uber’s value has fallen 35% and it continues to fall. And as of now, Uber’s chances of profitability has fallen even more, and has reached its vulnerability stage because of the emergence of the pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus.

As a result, Uber is making an effort to address the situation by suspending the accounts of the drivers and passengers who are found to be positive of the virus or have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient. Disinfectants are also provided to their drivers in order to assure that the vehicles are kept clean. However, despite all these efforts, their shares have been continuously fluctuating.

WeWork on the verge of declining

WeWork is an American real estate company that caters to people who are looking for shared workspace and for other enterprises. The co-working company is revolutionizing how the people and companies work–from freelancers, to teams, and even to solo entrepreneurs. However, just recently the co-working company has reported a sharp loss of over $1.25 billion as it expanded rapidly across the globe. WeWork has planned to undergo a massive shift from providing a co-working space to entering into education, living spaces, and even gaming. The rapid expansion of the co-working company cased major losses, which results numerous investors to grow nervous about the company’s financial security and future.

As of today, WeWork is on their cos-cutting phase with an account of over 1,000 layoffs. According to the Financial Times, the co-working company WeWork CEO Sandeep Mathrani is bound to cut the firm’s expenditures through laying-off 1,000 of its staff members–from its 2,400 staff layoffs in November 2019. In addition to the reported loss of over 3,400 human resources, the co-working company was reported a total loss of $8 billion.

Another dilemma faced by the co-working company is the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic wrapped around the company’s neck, as its very business premise–co-working space from the office–sits at the odds with the growing need to stay and work from home, and the lockdown of some areas around the world due to the pandemic.

What’s next for these tech companies?

The future for Uber seems hopeful–with its many service offerings such as UberEats, motorcycle services, and other services that caters to a wide segment of the market. These integration could build its revenue and trust back on the track. But as for WeWork, things look bleak and rebuilding its brand tattered image should be fixed first.

8 Different Catering options To Consider For A Corporate Event

Any reputable event manager will tell you that the best way to impress your guests is by pulling out your A game when it comes to food and beverages services. Considering catering options for a corporate event can be a very overwhelming experience. Even though technically they all came for official reasons, nobody forgets the food and how it tasted. How do you ensure that your catering finesse leaves them asking for more? Here are 8 different catering options to consider for a Zebratasty corporate catering event!

1. Partner up with a renowned chef.

You could always look at affordable celebrity chefs around your area. This will not only spice up your vent but also give the guests something to look forward to.
2. Consider buffet styles catering.

You can never go wrong with a buffet. With a buffet, you will be taking care of several issues at once including customization, food preferences and variety. This way, people will only serve themselves only what they prefer.

3. Hold the event in a restaurant.

The beauty of holding a corporate vent in a restaurant is that you don’t have to worry about catering at all. You could just negotiate with the hotel to provide catering services in addition to the venue. This way, you’ll be cutting up on costs for things like flowers, linen, cutlery etc.

4. Use drop off catering.

This is where external caterer delivers all the meals ready to serve, accompanied by the cutlery. Drop off catering is budget friendly since you cut off labour costs. The food can either be delivered while boxed or on trays.

5. Hire the services of a renowned caterer.

There is no chance to mess up at a corporate vent. There could be potential clients or important people in attendance. For this reason, it is important to hire the services of a caterer that is experienced in catering corporate events.

6. Sit-down catering.

This is where the food is brought to the guests at their respective tables. This type of catering is best if you’re looking to have an organized event. It reduces the commotion as the attendees don’t have to wake up and get their food.

7. Include a cocktail reception.

Making a signature cocktail would be the perfect way to end any corporate events. It gives the attendees time to interact as they take a break.

8. Interactive catering.

This is more of a DIY catering method. Interactive catering is where the guests have a say in the catering decisions e.g. the type of food present. It mostly works where corporate events have a few attendees. That way, everyone’s needs will be catered for.

One of the best ways to make your corporate event a success is through catering. With the above options, you are bound to find one that would be perfect for your event. Rest assured if the food was great, then it will translate to the overall food experience.

Ensure that when making the catering decisions you consider different food groups including vegetarians and people with various allergies.

The Best Places In the United States For Business Growth

Most entrepreneurs will tell you just how difficult it is to start a business. It takes a lot of time and effort to not only start the business but to also keep it running. one of the key factors that one has to consider has to do with having a favorable location that will enable your business to grow and thrive.

Depending on the type of location that an entrepreneur chooses it could mean the success or failure of a business, for example, if a business person sells winter clothes in a place that is relatively cold then his sales will most likely go up because there is a wide market for that product.

A good location will also mean that the entrepreneur will not have to spend a lot of money to advertise his or her product. In this article, we will be able to see three of the best places that businesses especially small ones can grow and thrive.

The first place I would like you to consider is in Austin, U.S.A. This US city has fully acknowledged and embraced the entrepreneurial lifestyle and this mindset eventually helps small business to not only grow but to also compete with the best. Also, since Texas does not impose personal income tax this consequently leaves a lot of money in the hands of the entrepreneurs which they can use to grow and expand their business.

In addition to the low taxes, Austin is also considered to be one of the leading cities in small business growth in the world. In fact, it had a 9.7% increase in small business growth from 2010 to 2013. So if you are looking to grow your small business then this would be a good place to start.

Another place I would like you to consider is Houston, U.S.A. In this city, most startups enjoy the proximity to more than 20 fortune 500 companies. This exposure will enable small business and entrepreneurs to be able to work with these popular companies and eventually grow their business.

Every entrepreneur knows just how difficult it is to start a business and also how difficult it is to compete with big companies and that’s why this kind of opportunity is important for entrepreneurs. So basically because of the combination of large corporations with promising startups small businesses are able to not increase their profits but they can also expand their operations. The low tax imposed in this city also makes it suitable for small business to operate in this environment.

The next city that helps small businesses grow would have to be Manchester, New Hampshire. This city helps small businesses to grow due to its support of agencies and also due to having accessible resources.

High employment, licensing and liner regulations are also some of the reasons that this city has been considered as one of the best for small businesses in the whole world. This city also imposes low taxes on businesses which enable business people to commit more money to grow their business and this will consequently lead to more profits for small businesses

It is now easy to see why a good location is so crucial to the success of a business and from the above examples, we have seen just how beneficial these locations can be to the overall performance of a business. So in order to maximize your business’s potential, it is important for small businesses to consider a good location for their business.

The Newest Fashion Trends For 2018 and 2019

If fashion has the last laugh in your bucket list, it’s time to look inside the upcoming fashion trends that are ready to take the world by storm. Being on the pulse of what’s trending is often the way to go. From the streets to the red carpets, these trends promise to keep you ahead of the curve, no matter you are a designer or a Fashionista.

While fashion is a zeitgeist to have spanned across the eons, trends have always been game to set the spirit alive. So, let’s take a look at what’s trending and topping the list of the global retail giants and make sure you never miss out on the most dapper addition to your closet.

breezy silhouettes

Whether it’s a weekend brunch, evening date or a karaoke festival, breezy liners or throw overs are the great fashion trends to add length to your style statements. Indulge in the voluminous sleeves, long slit cuts, high-low asymmetrical lines where modern fashion cravings blend subtly with the age old traditional statements.

Checks are coming back

The modern checkered lifestyle has its new find in the checks that are introducing a new luxury line of formals and semi-formals, tailored to meet both your professional and recreational styling needs with perfection. From the checked blazers to the full-on plaids, you will find an instant store upgrades like never before.

Deep blue denims are still a hashtag

If there is one retro look to weave in your wardrobe, its the dark shaded denims that are still occupying the shelves of the best dressed A-listers. one of the best, age old fashion trends, denims will be seeing a resurgence on the runway where technical fabrics will blend with upstream and trend-setting stylish details like never before.

Get drenched in the new Plastic fever

We can’t stop talking about the all-new plastic trend that has opened the doors for designers and brands alike. The revived PVC accessories and the transparent plastic outerwear will not only make you rainstorm ready, but a ready- to-go-pro in fashion.

Silk Lounge wears are redefined

If you always curl up to your silk pyjamas or camisoles only after a long day at work before shutting your eyes down, it’s time to take them to a new height beyond your bedroom fashion. This 1890’s colonial and 1900’s nigh time fashion trends are now making their marks on the global runways with the iconic touches from the global fashion giants. With stylish royal statement, this lightweight fabric is soon going to redefine your street statements like never before.

Ruffles and Fringes are never really out of style

Ruffles and fringes are the new refreshers that will be claiming the red carpets soon. From offbeat vintage finds to the mainstream runways, they are the celebrity picks now. On one side, the ultra-glam fringes on your bags, shoes or tops can give you an instant playful and dramatic look, and on the other, the smart fuss-free ruffles at the end of your collars or hemlines are ready to add an appeal that is effortless and one-of-a-kind.

Finally, the ability to play off the lifestyle needs or the age old themes is what makes the fashion trends so breathable. Remember, trends are always being revived, adapted and re-purposed to let the fashion biggies indulge in fashion in a way experienced never before.

10 Fun Things to Do In Southeast Asia You Can’t Do Anywhere Else

Southeast Asia is currently among the must-visit destinations of this world for the Globetrotters, backpackers and those making free holidays. The mountainous scenery is addictive in addition to the beaches, temples, heritage sites, tiny ethnic villages, rivers and the large cosmopolitan cities. Its unique appearance (landscape, many attractions and climate) increases the difficulty of selecting an itinerary. From the temples in Angkor Wat to the Southern Thailand islands, there are plenty smaller and long-term rewarding points for the stoppage on the Asiatic route. You will experience these to do things while in Southeast Asia.

Exploring at dusk the Phnom Penh Cambodian capital

After heated dusty days, Penh breathes life at dusk. A tour of the riverside expresses the Cambodian locals socializing apart from chatting and relaxing. The buzzing atmosphere brings the experience in Cambodian city to reality. You can watch aerobic classes over the Mekong while taking mango bites. The people unite in the dark to share their delicacies, i.e., noodles.

Request a dress to be made in Hoi An in Vietnam

A stop at this historical town in Vietnam’s coast makes the tour complete. The night view is
magical as viewed from hanging lanterns on each lamp post and bridges. Being a tailors’ town, travelers wait to have their accurate measurements (for a silk dress or suit) taken before leaving. Collections are made in two days’ time.

Cruising through Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay on an ancient junk

Spending nights on the iconic junk that when it sails between mazes of cliffs and floating villages is
critical. The tour is not yet over without reaching the bay area viewpoint.

Searching for the scarce Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins in Kratie

It is located north of the Siem Reap deep into rural Cambodia. A boat ride will take you to the hypnotic river where you will view the noses and fins of these timid creatures.

Undertake 12 hours cooking course in Chiang Mai

The aromatic and delicious food describe Thailand. These classes are available in the northern wing of Thailand that has become a lasting experience for many. More time will be required on spice smelling and
purchasing rice, a process that culminates in a variety of Thai dishes. The learner takes home some Thai cuisines.

Spending night time with a tribe on the Northern Thailand hills

Trek companies offer elephant rides, waterfall trips, and hill tribe stays. You are provided with a
jovial and knowledgeable guide to provide you with the necessary heightened spirit as you trek. Washing in the waterfalls is a vivid memory.

Swimming in the Kouang Si Falls

The waterfall has a series of turquoise pools below a forested area with hidden falls and streams.
Picnic areas are available but for an increased fun climb off the set paths to discover your hidden pool. It acts as a break from visiting temples.

Experiencing Thai New Year Festival (Songkran) in Chiang Mai

It is among Thai’s best public celebrated holiday. It is carried out within the first week of April and
expands into events like parades and playing cards.

Living in your beach hut in Thai island

Koh Chang dense interior has many white beaches. You can spend days sunning and relieving stress in addition to playing cards.

Experiencing the Gibbon in Laos

You will experience treehouses networked by zip wires in the forest canopy. It is a single trip in
a lifetime and requires few days.

Touring the Asiatic region comes with more academic experiences that can trigger revisits. Nature
has to be appreciated and kept in its original appearance all cost. Given the above scenarios, your next destination must be Southeast Asia.

5 tips that will serve you well when doing international business

For growth-minded business owners, the key to increasing their customer base lies in international expansion. This could mean serving new clients abroad, hiring or partnering with other companies. For these reasons, you need to observe the international business customs if you want your business to thrive. Here are the top 5 tips for doing international business and adapting to local customs;

Respect the customs and try new things

Your first impressions can help you build a healthy relationship with your clients. That’s why you have to earn their trust by showing them you respect their culture. Besides that, you must be aware of their religious beliefs and local dietary restrictions. For example, you cannot order for beef in a restaurant in India. It’s crucial that you participate in the local tradition and enrich yourself with their cultures. Never decline the invitation no matter how uncomfortable you feel.

Be punctual

Based on which country you take your business, you could take some time to learn their customs. If you have set up a business meeting, it’s better to arrive early even if the locals are a few minutes late. This is true in a place like Russia where many foreigners are tested whether they will arrive late just like the residents. Not only that, if you’ve employed some people to work in your business, you should give them a deadline of 2 to 3 days before the actual date. This will give you enough time to go through the materials and take some corrective measures in case something goes wrong.

Learn their body language

The body language plays a significant role when doing international business. You can simply hurt a client if you’re not careful. For example, in Ireland, it’s considered disrespectful to keep your hands in the pockets. In a country like Brazil, you cannot show the `okay’ hand gesture since it’s deemed to be rude. Other than that, cheek kisses and hugs are not acceptable. In many Asian countries, extended eye contact is considered impolite.

Learn to work with the customs and not against them

This is where the rubber meets the road. You are better off following the culture and finding its strengths even if the results are different from what you expect. Once you’re able to establish a healthy relationship with others, they will show you the best way of achieving your desired results. Don’t criticize how people do things. Instead, try to find out how you can work with them to achieve your desired results. Since every culture has its unique approach to solving things, don’t take advantage of other people.

Don’t lose face

The concept of losing face is common in Chinese and Japanese cultures. You should never embarrass someone in Italy or Brazil. On top of that, focus on adding ideas to your business partners instead of attempting to correct them. Avoid pointing out mistakes in front of friends or strangers. Although silence is almost unbearable to most Americans, long periods of silence are common in places like Finland.

Business owners who take their time to learn the customs of other countries are successful. They easily network and close business deals. When you follow the above tips, you will be well-equipped to run your business overseas.

4 Of the Nicest Places to Eat in Italy and what types of Food

Italy is a foodies paradise. If you visit here, you will be spoilt for choices. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best Italian restaurants and some of the Italian dishes which you should definitely try out: 1. L’Arceangelo: While in Italy, you should definitely have a meal which is prepared by a chef who has been born and brought up in Roman Traditions. Located in the heart of Rome, this place is run by Arcangelo Dandini. The size is not huge but it is beautiful decored with antiques and pictures of the chef’s family. The environment inside is very friendly and relaxing.

While here, you must try one of their most popular signature dish named foie gras torchon. You should also try out their Risotto. If possible, try to get a seat beside the counter. There, you will get an opportunity to see Arcangelo actually preparing the dishes.

2. Al Ceppo: This is another popular restaurant in Rome which should definitely be on your bucket list. It is located in the posh Parioli neighborhood and offers an extensive menu list. Decorated with wooden panels, this place sports a very classy and elegant look. Coming to the dishes, you shouldn’t miss out on their Porcini salad and Raspberry Vinaigrette. They have a lot of varieties of wine. They are also well known for their excellent and timely service.

3. Antiche Sere Osteria Enoteca: This cute little restaurant is located at Bevagna, a very beautiful village located in Umbria. The place is very small and a single waitress serves all the guests.

However, don’t go by its size. Here you will get an authentic taste of Italian Cuisine. They use fresh, local ingredients for all their dishes. Some of the must-try dishes here are guanciale and the truffle omelet. Their ricotta dipped in local honey will also delight your taste buds. This place offers a very relaxing and homely atmosphere. The lone waitress over here is very friendly and in the busy season, the owner also steps out to help.

4. Trattoria La Brinca: If you want to get a taste of the popular Ligurian cuisine, then this restaurant is a must visit. This place is located in Campo di Ne which is a very short drive from Lavagna. The restaurant is located in a 19th-century property and you will fall in love with the antique furniture which are stored here. Their menu list represents the local traditions of the place and all the ingredients are locally sourced. For example, they buy the cheese from the neighboring farmers. Their most popular dishes are fresh ravioli and the spicy meat. They also have a lot of choices for vegetarians.

As you must know, Italy is not just about pizzas and lasagnas. You should definitely have Antipasti, which is one of the most popular appetizers. Also make sure that you don’t miss out on Spaghetti Carbonara which is one of the best variants of Pasta, it goes great with any type of Tomato Pasta Sauce.

If you are a pork lover, you should definitely try out Porchetta. Another very popular Italian dish is Arancini. They are small deep-fried balls added with fillings of cheese or peas.

Is the Condo Boom A Good Thing?

In recent times the Real Estate market has been faced by an unprecedented condo boom. Home ownership is an attractive option when compared to renting out. Investors get to see a decent return on their projects while eager buyers gear up towards long term ownership. Is this boom as rosy as it appears or is there a hidden cost all bundled up in the deal?

Business growth

Investing in a condominium unit is a good venture over the long term. Taking out a loan makes economic sense. Each repayment on the borrowed funds is a step closer towards being the homeowner of a decent place. Once the loan has been fully repaid there is the option to resell the property after a huge appreciation has been realized.

A vibrant real estate sector is beneficial to many different players all at once- financiers, property developers, investors, potential home owners. The overall impact will be felt across the board with sector players such as contractors and real estate agents all soaking up the benefits.

Environmental impact

A condo luxury unit comes with its own distinctive style. Constructing it has a negative impact on the environment. Air conditioning, heating and lighting, power consumption on a large scale are some of the direct causes that will cause some unwanted effects over time.

Constructing a condo complex takes up many natural resources all at once. Steel, concrete and timber are all extracted from the environment to put together these luxury units. Despite the efforts made to transform to green buildings the overall impact is on a downward scale.

Urban settlements also require up plenty of water to keep things running. This usage bears heavily on the natural water table which continues to fall leaving the natural ecosystem more and more arid.

Apartment quotas

High end residential units are a much welcome privilege that everyone aspires to have. Demand for these units is insatiably high causing the prices to skyrocket as more people seek out decent urban dwellings.

Relevant authorities authorize housing developments such as condos depending on the location listed by the applicant. The central CBD Real Estate attracts pricey commitments to own and much more to develop. This scarcity ends up pushing demand well over availability which is detrimental to potential homeowners with the ability to purchase.

The rate of growth each year can be real issue as structural and engineering considerations translate to more time required to construct these apartments.


Modern condos need regular maintenance to keep the property in mint condition. Any issues require prompt action and this may gobble up monies in regards to service fees and other related charges. Cost burden of top tier home systems keep has to be borne by the owners or the association responsible for its day to day running.

Prime apartment locations are a much sought after fixation. In order to enjoy the best living quarters it is advised to weigh out all the costs of keeping up such a place.

With the right kind of legislation and active efforts to live sustainably a compromise can be carved out.