8 Different Catering options To Consider For A Corporate Event

Any reputable event manager will tell you that the best way to impress your guests is by pulling out your A game when it comes to food and beverages services. Considering catering options for a corporate event can be a very overwhelming experience. Even though technically they all came for official reasons, nobody forgets the food and how it tasted. How do you ensure that your catering finesse leaves them asking for more? Here are 8 different catering options to consider for a Zebratasty corporate catering event!

1. Partner up with a renowned chef.

You could always look at affordable celebrity chefs around your area. This will not only spice up your vent but also give the guests something to look forward to.
2. Consider buffet styles catering.

You can never go wrong with a buffet. With a buffet, you will be taking care of several issues at once including customization, food preferences and variety. This way, people will only serve themselves only what they prefer.

3. Hold the event in a restaurant.

The beauty of holding a corporate vent in a restaurant is that you don’t have to worry about catering at all. You could just negotiate with the hotel to provide catering services in addition to the venue. This way, you’ll be cutting up on costs for things like flowers, linen, cutlery etc.

4. Use drop off catering.

This is where external caterer delivers all the meals ready to serve, accompanied by the cutlery. Drop off catering is budget friendly since you cut off labour costs. The food can either be delivered while boxed or on trays.

5. Hire the services of a renowned caterer.

There is no chance to mess up at a corporate vent. There could be potential clients or important people in attendance. For this reason, it is important to hire the services of a caterer that is experienced in catering corporate events.

6. Sit-down catering.

This is where the food is brought to the guests at their respective tables. This type of catering is best if you’re looking to have an organized event. It reduces the commotion as the attendees don’t have to wake up and get their food.

7. Include a cocktail reception.

Making a signature cocktail would be the perfect way to end any corporate events. It gives the attendees time to interact as they take a break.

8. Interactive catering.

This is more of a DIY catering method. Interactive catering is where the guests have a say in the catering decisions e.g. the type of food present. It mostly works where corporate events have a few attendees. That way, everyone’s needs will be catered for.

One of the best ways to make your corporate event a success is through catering. With the above options, you are bound to find one that would be perfect for your event. Rest assured if the food was great, then it will translate to the overall food experience.

Ensure that when making the catering decisions you consider different food groups including vegetarians and people with various allergies.