4 Of the Nicest Places to Eat in Italy and what types of Food

Italy is a foodies paradise. If you visit here, you will be spoilt for choices. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best Italian restaurants and some of the Italian dishes which you should definitely try out: 1. L’Arceangelo: While in Italy, you should definitely have a meal which is prepared by a chef who has been born and brought up in Roman Traditions. Located in the heart of Rome, this place is run by Arcangelo Dandini. The size is not huge but it is beautiful decored with antiques and pictures of the chef’s family. The environment inside is very friendly and relaxing.

While here, you must try one of their most popular signature dish named foie gras torchon. You should also try out their Risotto. If possible, try to get a seat beside the counter. There, you will get an opportunity to see Arcangelo actually preparing the dishes.

2. Al Ceppo: This is another popular restaurant in Rome which should definitely be on your bucket list. It is located in the posh Parioli neighborhood and offers an extensive menu list. Decorated with wooden panels, this place sports a very classy and elegant look. Coming to the dishes, you shouldn’t miss out on their Porcini salad and Raspberry Vinaigrette. They have a lot of varieties of wine. They are also well known for their excellent and timely service.

3. Antiche Sere Osteria Enoteca: This cute little restaurant is located at Bevagna, a very beautiful village located in Umbria. The place is very small and a single waitress serves all the guests.

However, don’t go by its size. Here you will get an authentic taste of Italian Cuisine. They use fresh, local ingredients for all their dishes. Some of the must-try dishes here are guanciale and the truffle omelet. Their ricotta dipped in local honey will also delight your taste buds. This place offers a very relaxing and homely atmosphere. The lone waitress over here is very friendly and in the busy season, the owner also steps out to help.

4. Trattoria La Brinca: If you want to get a taste of the popular Ligurian cuisine, then this restaurant is a must visit. This place is located in Campo di Ne which is a very short drive from Lavagna. The restaurant is located in a 19th-century property and you will fall in love with the antique furniture which are stored here. Their menu list represents the local traditions of the place and all the ingredients are locally sourced. For example, they buy the cheese from the neighboring farmers. Their most popular dishes are fresh ravioli and the spicy meat. They also have a lot of choices for vegetarians.

As you must know, Italy is not just about pizzas and lasagnas. You should definitely have Antipasti, which is one of the most popular appetizers. Also make sure that you don’t miss out on Spaghetti Carbonara which is one of the best variants of Pasta, it goes great with any type of Tomato Pasta Sauce.

If you are a pork lover, you should definitely try out Porchetta. Another very popular Italian dish is Arancini. They are small deep-fried balls added with fillings of cheese or peas.