10 Fun Things to Do In Southeast Asia You Can’t Do Anywhere Else

Southeast Asia is currently among the must-visit destinations of this world for the Globetrotters, backpackers and those making free holidays. The mountainous scenery is addictive in addition to the beaches, temples, heritage sites, tiny ethnic villages, rivers and the large cosmopolitan cities. Its unique appearance (landscape, many attractions and climate) increases the difficulty of selecting an itinerary. From the temples in Angkor Wat to the Southern Thailand islands, there are plenty smaller and long-term rewarding points for the stoppage on the Asiatic route. You will experience these to do things while in Southeast Asia.

Exploring at dusk the Phnom Penh Cambodian capital

After heated dusty days, Penh breathes life at dusk. A tour of the riverside expresses the Cambodian locals socializing apart from chatting and relaxing. The buzzing atmosphere brings the experience in Cambodian city to reality. You can watch aerobic classes over the Mekong while taking mango bites. The people unite in the dark to share their delicacies, i.e., noodles.

Request a dress to be made in Hoi An in Vietnam

A stop at this historical town in Vietnam’s coast makes the tour complete. The night view is
magical as viewed from hanging lanterns on each lamp post and bridges. Being a tailors’ town, travelers wait to have their accurate measurements (for a silk dress or suit) taken before leaving. Collections are made in two days’ time.

Cruising through Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay on an ancient junk

Spending nights on the iconic junk that when it sails between mazes of cliffs and floating villages is
critical. The tour is not yet over without reaching the bay area viewpoint.

Searching for the scarce Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins in Kratie

It is located north of the Siem Reap deep into rural Cambodia. A boat ride will take you to the hypnotic river where you will view the noses and fins of these timid creatures.

Undertake 12 hours cooking course in Chiang Mai

The aromatic and delicious food describe Thailand. These classes are available in the northern wing of Thailand that has become a lasting experience for many. More time will be required on spice smelling and
purchasing rice, a process that culminates in a variety of Thai dishes. The learner takes home some Thai cuisines.

Spending night time with a tribe on the Northern Thailand hills

Trek companies offer elephant rides, waterfall trips, and hill tribe stays. You are provided with a
jovial and knowledgeable guide to provide you with the necessary heightened spirit as you trek. Washing in the waterfalls is a vivid memory.

Swimming in the Kouang Si Falls

The waterfall has a series of turquoise pools below a forested area with hidden falls and streams.
Picnic areas are available but for an increased fun climb off the set paths to discover your hidden pool. It acts as a break from visiting temples.

Experiencing Thai New Year Festival (Songkran) in Chiang Mai

It is among Thai’s best public celebrated holiday. It is carried out within the first week of April and
expands into events like parades and playing cards.

Living in your beach hut in Thai island

Koh Chang dense interior has many white beaches. You can spend days sunning and relieving stress in addition to playing cards.

Experiencing the Gibbon in Laos

You will experience treehouses networked by zip wires in the forest canopy. It is a single trip in
a lifetime and requires few days.

Touring the Asiatic region comes with more academic experiences that can trigger revisits. Nature
has to be appreciated and kept in its original appearance all cost. Given the above scenarios, your next destination must be Southeast Asia.